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Pond Liners

Our most popular poly for pond liners is the 12 mils black/silver or the 24 mils colored polys. Both are waterproof, as are all our woven polys, but the 12 mils is more economical.

Black absorbs more heat and makes the pond look deeper.

Black/Silver and Colored Polys describes the various choices available in opaque poly. Any of those can be used for pond liners.

We can custom-make a flat piece of poly of any size you like, but one dimension should be 12' or a multiple of 12' when calculating poly size for a pond liner, your poly need to be:

 POLY WIDTH = width of pond  + 2  depth of pond + 2' or more for the top edge
POLY HEIGHT = length of pond + 2  depth of pond + 2' or more for the edge


For a pond 12 ft wide 18 ft long x 4' deep

 POLY WIDTH = 12 + 2  4 + 2 or more = 22' wide or more
POLY HEIGHT = 18 + 2  4 + 2 or more = 28' long or more

So poly size to order would be: 2428

(24 is the closest multiple of 12' for the sizes given 12 2 = 24)

Two photos of a customer building a fish pond are available in our Customer Gallery

Before Ordering: Please see our Vital Measurements chart for important ordering and measurement information.

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