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Download Our 32-Page Color Catalog


Download Our 32-Page Color Catalog Our Free Color Catalog

Our 32 page catalog includes product information, prices, ideas, order form, and photos of things people have made with our poly. It's filled with great info, ideas, extra resources, and customer comments. The pages of the pdf catalog download and the by-mail printed catalog are identical.

USA and Canada Only - Get a Catalog By Mail

Unfortunately we no longer have print catalogs to send out, but you can check out our Free Digital Catalog [824KB PDF] to find all the information you need about our products and instructions, including a printable order form, and you can still request Three Free Samples online.

Request Three Free Samples Online

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Other Countries

Sorry, due to international shipping, duties and currency complexities, we sell only to USA and Canada and are unable to send our products or samples anywhere else.