Northern Greenhouse

Northern Greenhouse

installation & fastening

Using Polyfastener

Polyfastener Installation Diagram Polyfastener Installation

Uses for Polyfastener

Garden and Farm Uses

Greenhouses, ventilating tubes, cold & hot frames, machinery covers, cow, sheep and chicken enclosures, bee shelters, lagoon & pond liners, irrigation tubes, evaporation control covers on swimming pools, ponds, dugouts, water gardens and fishponds.

Industrial Uses

Construction protection (hoarding), truck box covers, winter enclosures.

Home Uses

"Walls" of light for garages & workshops, storm windows, screen doors, solar panels & collectors, privacy panels & dividers, verandas, water beds, tents, windbreaks, boat covers, and needle point frames.

Installing Polyfastener

Secure the channel (by screws, nails staples or pop rivets), lay the poly over it, snap in the insert strip with a Polyfastener roller tool. The film won't move, but can be easily removed without damage for repositioning. (The Polyfastener hook tool is used to "unzip.") Also, a flat edged screw driver can be used to push in the insert channel.

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